Cohort B – Application

Cohort B students must have entered “senior status” in either Summer 2016 or Fall 2016, and be able to provide a plan to graduate within two or three semesters. Students must demonstrate financial need and be full-time students, registering for at least 12 credits per semester.

Financial Assistance Benefit

Flit-Path will provide approximately 23 one-year fellowships in each institution to support senior students enrolled in one of the three disciplines CS, IT or CpE. The average level of support for each student is $2,440.

Additional Benefits

  • Socials, Distinguished Speakers, yearly Symposium
  • On-Line Shared Elective Courses: provide a larger set of courses to choose from and help achieve faster pathway to graduation
  • Common Internship Portal and Virtual Career Fair: help in getting internships and good jobs
  • Chance to serve as peer mentor for a small number (3 or less) freshmen students enrolled in your own major